After reading this article here:

This one seems just so wrong. The coronavirus does not even come close to these events.

In comparison, both 2019 and 2020 were as unremarkable as 2007 or 1998 or 1725 or whatever random year you'd like to pick.

Just ask yourself this: What in your opinion was worse? Adolf Hitler killing 6 Million Jews across Europe? Or Coronavirus?

Up to 200 Million dying of the black death? Or the 700,000 death from coronavirus?

One problem does not invalidate another. The coronavirus is still an issue. But saying the possibly worst day occurred in 2019 seems so pretentious and oversensitive.

It reminds me of those inexperienced kids who after their first heartbreak proclaim the end of their participation in all human relations, loss of trust in human beings and all that rambling going along the lines of "worst day of my entire life, sob".

A great Japanese proverb reads: The frog in the well does not know of the ocean.

And I think that aligns here, if we put the debate into perspective.

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