"As deeper level thinkers, what have you discovered during this time?"

This is the very question I asked myself while reading your article. The question I just got inspired to answer.

Since this whole journey here started, I realized that I spent much more time with the bigger questions of my life. Things I always got in the back of my head, but always was too busy to search for an answer. These seemingly unimportant things like what really is our universe. If it has an edge, what's beyond it? What about AI and the future? Where will we be in 30 years? Do we have free will, or is it just an illusion? If Time Travel is possible, which science suggest, what about these paradoxes that occur if we'd do it? What about the few points in existence where even science contradicts itself?

A lot of questions like these. I wrote about them, explored them. And it has been fun. I learned a lot too.

I hope that even if life returns to before the pandemic, we all will still have plenty of time to continue with our newfound hobbies and passions.

Thank you for writing this article, which sparked all of my response above.

And all the best for your journeys.

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