Capitalizing On Skin Color and BLM

This facade has to stop — Selling injustice for profit is heinous

Here’s the thing: I’m fed up with seeing articles about black women explaining how they deal with white supremacy. Why? Because some of them are not doing it to raise awareness. Some have never faced true white supremacy at all. I’d fall for it for the first two or three articles.

But after seeing 10 articles from the same people that exclusively use words like “white supremacy”, “black woman”, “racism”, “privilege” and such in their titles, it gets really old. They write about nothing else. If no political topic is possible, they come up with something less racist and twist it a little to make it sound a little more racist for the audience. And it gets even weirder.

Things like “they only hired you because you’re black”, like really? Did anyone ever say something like that? Wasn’t it usually the other way around? First, you make headlines writing how white people prefer to hiring white people (which is a legit problem at that point), then they give in and offer high profile jobs to black people, now you can continue capitalizing on that same topic with a new title in your next article, great!

No one in Europe would ever use such a phrase. No one in Europe cares if you’re black. If you get a job, you get it because you qualify for it. Same here in Japan by the way. And that even though the Japanese have a reputation for being xenophobic (which isn’t true).

These articles are no longer meant to raise awareness.

They are meant to fuel an ongoing issue in order to capitalize on it. Because these articles are guaranteed clicks and thus generate easy revenue.

Don’t believe me? Look at articles in that area and compare the number of fans they get when using polarizing headlines compared to normal articles that talk about famous black authors for example.

Some of these people haven’t even lived a day in their life in the US, the only place where true white supremacy is prevalent. Or was BLM founded in Austria? Last I checked, the racism in Austria mainly was directed against Muslims (another big problem that is real but doesn’t sell as much).

And guess who the people are that read and share these stories? Black people who think there’s someone who truly understands them. Just because someone is black, doesn’t mean they are your honest friend.

Some just use their status or skin color to earn some cash off your injustice. The only racism they were ever confronted with was watching American History X in high school. They know as little about the true pain in your life as I do. Yet they write about it more than you do.

If they would at least support black people from the money they generate, like the recent GoFundMe campaign Justice for Breonna Taylor (official)(#BREEWAYY), I’d fully support them. But they cash in the money for themselves.

And I think that’s a really ugly thing to do.

Sell fuel, sell matchsticks, profit

Do you want to write a quick and effortless article that gains 20,000 reads in no time and nets you around $1,500? Write about how some white guy looked at you the wrong way in the supermarket and how you were a strong black woman not giving him shit. Use a title like “How I stood up against white supremacy”.

I could write a fake article like that right now, take a photo of a black woman from Unsplash or Pixabay, fabricate a story, and watch the money roll in. Since most people don’t even look at who wrote an article if it pops up in their feed, people wouldn’t even notice it was me.

If you think I’m racist, I’d agree to disagree. I’m an immigrant in Japan. I have friends all over the world. I care about equity (not equality, there’s an important difference) and have written about my issue with racism when George Floyd was murdered by police.

I’m as much against racism as any other human being with a functioning brain in between their ears. But I’m also against riding cheap trends to earn money on the shoulders of people who really suffer from it.

And it honestly puts me off to see people seemingly reducing themselves to their skin color (just because that sells like hotcakes right now).

Real racism has to stop — but capitalizing on anti-racism is just as despicable

Black people who stand on the streets to protest against white supremacy have every right to do so. If someone faces injustice, this needs to be made public. If people are being discriminated against because of their skin color, this deserves all the attention it can get. Though I care more about the injustice itself than your skin color, no matter which color you have. Injustice against any human is despicable. I don’t play favorites here.

But privileged black women who have never set a foot in the US and spend their days as high profile employees for big global companies have no clue what they are talking about. They try to capitalize on their skin color in a time where being black sparks discussions online.

Since Covid-19 turned into a global pandemic, many Asians faced racism too. People were insulted on the streets with accusations like “you brought this virus here”. Some were even physically attacked. But I’ve yet to see any Asians publically speaking up about how hard their lives are. Nor do I see anyone voicing their opinion about it. Don’t Asians matter too? Do you know what I’d call this exclusion? Racist. Funny, isn’t it?

I tell you why you don’t see as many stories about it. Because it doesn’t sell. Ever since the horrific murders that happened in the US and the rise of BLM, this is a hot topic. It’s polarizing. And this means that if you can make it the topic of your next article, you’re in for some free dough.

I can’t wait to get called a racist too

Writing this article is like a suicide commando. I’m not racist, but (oh, almost didn’t notice the classic “I’m not racist, but…”) I’m voicing my opinion on a matter that can easily put me in the wrong light. In fact, I’m afraid to put this out there, because I know my argumentation will be taken out of context.

Yes, I’m a white male. Even worse, I’m German. I come from the same people who unleashed Hitler into this world. So I’m sure just a racist in disguise?

I have no problem with people voicing their opinion. Freedom of speech is what gives us the chance to better the world. But at the same time, I felt strange about this very article here. I’m making use of the same free speech. But I’m almost certain someone somewhere will call my version hate speech. Who am I hating? Apart from people who abuse BLM topics to fill their own pockets?

I would write the same if an Australian-born German would constantly feed the press about Germans being attacked by Muslims in Germany. Like what the hell do you know? You weren’t born there, you don’t even have a German passport yet. You’re just parroting news you saw somewhere for clicks from German people.

But if someone always uses the exact same polarizing headlines, it begs the question if they really are just that upset and angry with an issue, or if they simply know what sells best?

Even worse: If you make every part of your own boring life a story about racism and white supremacy, you take away from those who really have to deal with these issues. If you constantly churn out the same stories, sooner or later, people will stop listening. And if then some real injustice happens, it will be overlooked.

Look at some really great writers of color I follow:

All of these are talented writers. None of them need to use “white supremacy” or “black woman” as a headline each week. And all of them get less recognition for their work than those who do.

It’s not a racial problem. It’s a capitalistic one. Support some real women of color if you want to change the world. The ones who heal, not the ones who sell gasoline.

Oh, and don’t you dare writing a hateful comment without reading the whole thing. I don’t need half-assed opinions. That is exactly what this article is about.

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