Correct. That light bulb moment is a perfect analogy. I can sure enough read about a certain "viral" topic enough to write something comprehensible (I work as a copywriter so I gotta know how to sell you a 'hydraulic compression valve' (I just made that up) without even knowing what that is myself)

But it sucks the joy out of writing. It feels like a chore. I use Medium instead to write about the things I am personally invested in. All those "Aha" moments, questions I'm still asking myself and all that.

You know that I'm a new father. I wrote an article about it here to put down my thoughts I had back then. Of course there won't be many people interested in reading it. Honestly, it reads a lot like a 'dear diary' too. But I wanted to solve one thing that bugged me: That I waited so long out of fear.

My wife told me for three years that she wanted a child. And she turned 30 in the meantime, which I'm sure you understand better than me, it really got her worried. But I was so worried to not be a good enough father (still a child myself etc.) that I kept her waiting for these three years.

Now that I made the jump, I regret not doing it sooner. My article was meant for the few guys who find themselves in similar situations, worrying too much.

It was my aha moment and I hoped that whoever finds it may be able to find some guidance or advice in it.

I learned that you will never be able to prepare to become a good father. The only one who can teach you to become a good parent is your child.

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