Eh, I feel uncomfortable commenting here. But I'm glad to learn that none of the stories you mentioned here went under my radar. read them all. In fact, I think to remember being the one who got that one of yours to 998. Felt kinda bad but it wouldn't let me clap 52 times.

Here's something to try and get curated: Look at shit that goes wrong in relationships. Then write a guide about how not to screw up a relationship. But not in the usual style—Chuck Style instead. Maybe similar to my idiocy for dummies. But make it better than that one, because that one didn't get curated.

If you can combine relationship advice with your humor, I'm sure it would do awesome.

Make it so that the Mad Magazine would pay you to print it, then it should get curated here as well.

And use both "Relationship" and "Humor" as tags. Relationship would be great. But if they won't let you, getting curated for humor should be a nice plan B.

Keep it up.

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