For anyone interested: His Youtube channel is (most likely but not guaranteed) this one:

I don't understand why you would exclude the actual link to your channel. First of all, people will look it up = more potential views / free advertisement.

Secondly, it serves as a proof of concept. Anyone can tell you about their 20K followers on Facebook for example, but without an actual link to their Facebook account, that's just a claim, nothing more.

It baffles me when people fail to mention the actual thing they talk about. When I told people how much I earned on Upwork for example, I included a direct link to my Upwork profile to prove that I'm not talking out of my rear.

And your videos do much better than 90% of the let's players nowadays that kept showing up from nowhere. Customer reviews are always a good thing, so keep it going and keep it growing. All the best to you.

(oh, and if that is indeed your Youtube account, then your Squarespace website is expired. Might wanna use the 50 bucks to revive it)

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