Glad it helps you :)

Yeah, It takes a lot of patience to land your first project, especially with so many other people competing for the exact same contracts.

Then there's the time difference. I live in Japan for example, so if a great contract from a US company shows up at their local time, it may well be in the middle of the night here, and by the time I wake up, they already got 200 proposals from around the world.

But once you got a few contracts done, they help greatly in showing that initial promise of quality that some clients require before even thinking about contacting you further.

Still, once you manage to break away from the mainstream (Upwork) and can reel in clients on your own, you have lot more freedom when it comes to pricing and what kind of job you do.

My best clients so far have never heard of or used Upwork.

Just stay persistent and you will succeed sooner or later. There is always work. A.I. can't replace us yet ;)

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