Gossip almost always comes from people who have nothing better to do. Only in the rarest of cases, there is any value in that.

But what got me curious is: You got gossiped about because of your Germanness? I personally never faced any racism (or maybe better: xenophobia) because of my nationality.

But I remember a German woman who lives in London. She was our host during a week-long school trip with the class back in 2005. She first spoke English only (because our teachers told her to, in order to strengthen our language abilities) but quickly warmed up and we had lovely chats about her and her life.

It turned out that she was heartbroken about not being fully accepted as a teacher, being harassed by a lot of kids because she’s German.

There isn’t much I can do about that now. But it goes without saying that discriminating against anyone for their race, gender, nationality, belief or any other point is disdainful. Kids may be one issue, but adults move on a whole different level. They should know better.

I agree with the message here. Look at both sides of the coin. Don’t listen to gossip and don’t discriminate. We’re all human at heart.

If someone wants to gossip about me, be my guest. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I owe no one. But people need to think.

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