Great article. I generally stay up until 3 AM, then I’d crawl into bed and in return sleep until 11 AM or 12 PM, which is 8 hours, but I always feel like I can get more in a day where I wake up as early as 6 or 7 (when I didn’t stay up as late the night before)

The part about sleeping at the job in Japan is a common misconception (at least in my experience). In most companies, you’ll lose your job the same as anywhere else if you’re found dozing off outside of predetermined breaks. Though there may be a few huge companies where it exists as a work ethic.

In more cases though, 過労死 (Karoushi — lit. death from overwork) is far more prevalent. I am glad to declare that I did not personally get into contact with either one, though my wife worked for a phone carrier, where she too was greeted with hours of unpaid overtime.

It was a great article. Though I still need to take action in order to improve my health. This article is a great wake-up call (quite ironic pun, isn’t it?)

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