This got more powerful as I read on. In fact, your rain metaphor got to me and reminded me of an older German rock song (now almost ten years old), here are the lyrics translated to English. I wish I could have come up with this myself as a response to your prompt, but I’ll have to write my own then.

But please, take a look and say if you think this resonates with you:

It’s raining tribulation
It’s raining fear
The water rises and rises
Flooding this country
It’s raining a pale smell
Lies and envy
Rotten meat
Madness and suffering

We only ever took
Never gave
Went over the top
But then came the rain
But then came the rain
But then came the rain
And takes all life

It’s raining dead people
It’s raining fight for survival
The sky is crying
Can God see our tears?
It’s raining misery
It’s raining rage
There is no ark here
We are drowning in blood

I will come up with my own wake-up call in response. But your writing immediately had me remember this song.

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