Hey Bob 😊

As you might now, I usually tend to write private notes rather than public responses due to the way Medium handles RSS and automation. But this would not do you any justice after I was so pleasantly surprised that my poem made such an impact.

I’m really, really honored that you took up the golden keys to write something in response to it. Since you didn’t tag me using the @ function, I didn’t get notified. Timothy Key was kind enough to edit your entry to tag me properly, but apparently I don’t get a notification if a tag is put in afterward. Or maybe I missed it in the influx of notifications.

But Timothy also went ahead and shared your article on Twitter, where I found it 😁 I’m glad I did. This really got me out of the blue. Thank you again for that. I really enjoy your writing (even if it is not about or inspired by me) 😊

Thank you again Bob. All the best to you.

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