Hey Elena,

this was an interesting read and poses a great new approach for writers who might have hit a road block. There's just one thing that kind of put me off at first.

As you know, many people use Medium to post things like "these 5 tips will make you rich" or "use this effective technique to become a published author",

you know, articles that promise the reader success just so he or she gets baited into reading the article and thus paying the author, who secretly still longs for success themselves.

What struck me with your article is that you never made any effort to show off that award winning writing you said you've done.

And though I am a bit sceptic at first, I do proper research before attempting to call anyone a liar.

I came to the conclusion that you are no liar. I found this story "Into the daylight", which was shortlisted for the Ann Arbor District Library website:


This must be the story you are writing about. And quite frankly, I loved it. You should not hide it. Use it as proof of concept for your article. Let people read it.

I assume you didn't want to "show off", but I feel it's important to "show, don't tell", if you talk about something like this.

Because honestly, at first this article felt like the likes you see from self-proclaimed millionaires who somehow manage to talk about their success without ever providing any substantial evidence.

(like: with this technique, I managed to build a company that has a yearly revenue of 2.3 million USD as we speak - but no one ever mentions the name of the company, which should quickly pop up in Google if known)

I'm still impressed how you can spin just three words into a full story. I have a whole concept idea in my head and still don't know where to start.


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