Hey Henya, this is a wonderful piece attributed to a wonderful man.

And I was surprised to find this. About a week ago, I wrote a similar piece, which is in a different publication. I didn't knew you wrote this, but looking at the dates, yours was first.

So instead of you being a potential imposter, I now feel like I am one. His famous speech popped up in my Youtube recommendations and it mesmerized me. So I started writing the article, blind to the truth that you were quicker.

But that's still not a bad thing.

I wish more people see it, learn it and memorize it. Because it's remarkable that this man held such a powerful speech, which just like you said is still relevant in our modern world.

If just one politician in a position of power would take these words to heart, I'm sure it would be an improvement for humanity.

So I think even more people should write about it, share it, remember it. I think it is still the most honest and touching political speech I ever heard. And I heard plenty.

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