Hey Karen,

I know exactly how you feel. Before I started on Medium, my past-time was spent playing videogames. Like A LOT. When my two beauties were asleep, I’d indulge in my game collection, being a knight, a samurai, a soldier, and whatnot. RPGs, Strategy games, adventures, I’m pretty much playing anything.

Since I started on Medium, I haven’t played a single minute. I’m only reading and writing. If I’m not doing those, I’m thinking about what I could write or what I read before.

I feel just like you.

One thing I’d like to point out. I know you’re not in it for the money, but curation would still be an awesome goal, right? And you really write compelling articles, much like this one.

But I recently learned that you are automatically excluded from curation if you tag someone in the article or use larger image formats than the “incline” setting. (The former probably because you’d artificially attract readers, the latter because it’s not optimal for mobile device readers)

While I appreciate the tag for something as minor as that sheet I threw together, this also wastes your potential for curation. I’d rather have you get curated for these articles you put together, as they are informative, emotional (we all know the hamster wheel 😂) and really well written.

I still tag people for stuff that I don’t need to be curated anyways, like my poems or answers to someone else’s prompt. But if you write something like this, which also offers a good read for people outside our community, it should deserve curation.

Thank you regardless for the honorable mention 😊

Much love

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