Hey Marcus,

this article was one of the best "tips"-articles I've read in the past month.

Because it actually gave some useful info. I've never heard of Content Gatherer and Constant Content before, despite being a semi-successful freelance writer since 2016.

I'll check those out and see if I can funnel more valuable contracts by showcasing my existing Upwork portfolio there.

Another great tip is the minimum of 10 cents per word. How would you negotiate this sum with a client asking for a 10K word project? Just bluntly asking for the 1000 Dollar?

One of my long term clients is awaiting another 12K translation project he'd like to send me today, and since the beginning we negotiated the 2.5 cents, so I'll get 300 dollars for about 2-3 days of work. Not too bad, but not exactly a dream salary either. Of course I'd love to charge $1200 for that, but my client would give me the bird.

Honestly, my current fees are at 2.5 cents for translations and 3 cents for copywriting and creative writing per word. In the very beginning, I only asked for 1 cent per word, because I had no reliable point of reference and no portfolio either.

Most clients call me too expensive at this rate already, so asking for 10 cents seems to be a tough nut to crack.

I feel like with you I have found another freelance writer who could mentor me to improve my output. I'd love to hear your advice on this.

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