Hey, no problem with asking, but first, thank you for your praise 😁😊

As for the submission, normally you’d link a draft to the publication and submit. But one of our editors, Karen Madej 💛 has asked if we all could publish our drafts first and then add them to the publication.

At the time, I was not an editor myself and didnt understand why that would help. But we editors get hundreds of notifications (and hundreds of emails too, if we don’t turn that option off) for people submitting drafts. This means that our own notifications (like someone responding to us) drown in between hundreds of “X has submitted a draft to ILLUMINATION”

Now here’s the thing, and I hope Karen forgives me for saying this.

I get emails and notifications, regardless of whether someone submits a draft or a published article. So I still don’t quite understand the difference here.

What I notice is that publishing an already published article for illumination is a wee bit quicker than submitting a draft, as the draft first takes me to the confirmation screen (selecting tags and image etc.)

I’m sure, Karen can give you a better answer 😁 And I hope I’m not accidentally talking against anything she says 😅

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