Hey Riku,

great article! I could write an entirely article about what I think, and in fact I did:


I don't want to advertise myself on your article, but if you haven't read it already, it will show you just exactly how much I agree with all your points.

It was a teacher similar to you who saved me from falling into a deep hole I'd never have gotten out of. I gave up on school, the system, my classmates and everything. The world was unfair and I felt better off without all of it.

Then I had to repeat a year and was confronted with a teacher who on the outside always appeared somewhat like a U.S. marine drill instructor. He was stern, he was without compromise and you'd never want to get on his bad side.

But during my last year, where I was to join his class, I learned this man to be the most empathetic, compassionate and understanding man in the entire school.

He changed my path and saved my future.

I couldn't agree more on how important a good teacher can be. And I know that many teachers today don't know this, especially if they are confronted with disrespect from their students.

But a good teacher can be the one thing in life that sets you up for success from an early age, even if your parents fail.

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