Hey Sana Rose,

This was an incredibly well-written article. Your expertise shines through. This line I quoted here has reminded me of something we (I at least) all too often forget.

We’re privileged to be able to read. Even today, there are people who never get the chance to even learn it. A few hundred years ago, it was a rare skill, acclaimable only for the few.

That’s why we should make the best use of it. Which I failed for most of my life. Maybe I hated reading because people forced me in school. I was obnoxious, I guess. I’m slowly picking it up. Not yet the necessary money to go and buy a ton of books. But blogging and reading all these stories here seem to be a worthwhile start.

Thanks for writing this. I’m actually amazed. Your first novel. I got one draft somewhere on my computer. One chapter. But maybe some day. I’m sure 😊

All the best to you 😁

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