Hey Tim, that’s awesome, really 😁
I’ve come to appreciate quilts in hot summer nights especially here on our Island, together with sleeping on a Japanese futon (like a mattress on the floor, but really comfy)

And the pattern looks somewhat cool. I like it. My wife’s not around right now, but she’d be all over it. She just ordered a sewing machine. She’s knitting and crocheting all day and does more. She’s a fabric fanatic.

I also cheered up when I saw your daily doable. I almost skimmed it but came back up. Doing something good for the day. It sounds simple enough. And it cheered me up, especially since I did something that might already qualify, right before reading your story.

But I’ve yet to wait for her to see it. I just hope it will make her day. Here’s hoping.

Have a blessed and sunny day. Thank you for sharing!


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