That was indeed interesting. Lots of good choices here. And next to none of them mainstream I'd think, other than maybe KISS. Also, your story about growing up in a strictly religious household with some rock music forbidden reminded me an awful lot of Jack Black.

You know Jack Black, right?

He is part of a two-men band called Tenacious D with his friend Kyle Gass apart from his movie career.

And in a movie called Tenacious-D, they put in some biographical elements, though of course, the movie is far from reality. What you describe with the above reminds me of a specific musical scene of that movie, with young JD growing up in Kickapoo, Missouri.

It features Dio and Meat Loaf

You reminded me an awful lot of that scene (I love that movie)

As for tagging you in my own article about music, I actually wrote one already. You can find it here:

It’s really interesting to talk about our different musical tastes. I never got to like EDM. Though I like dubstep. You know, wub wub wub dabadaba dabadaba wub wub.

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