I agree. I wouldn't call kids idiots either. But then again, I'd differentiate between children and teenagers. But in any case, the bullying done to Hana came from adults, people her own age. 20s-30s.

And these adults unwillingly or willingly serve as a benchmark to kids who see and copy their behavior. So calling these people idiots and openly criticizing their behavior is a good way to get their attention.

This serves both to stop them and let them see what they can't see on their own (that their behavior is bad) and might show kids that these people are no one to take for an idol.

Bullies can well be treated with therapy. But that doesn't work with social media bullies who hide behind a persona. These are not people you can sit down and have a chat with. They are faceless hatemongers. And as such, they deserve no pity.

So to once more get back to you. Whatever you may have done in the past that you still carry around with you, I firmly believe that it wasn't half as bad as the situation we're dealing with right here. You didn't hide behind a fake persona. Which means whatever damage you've done, there's a good chance you didn't do it deliberately.

I enjoyed this conversation so far. Thank you for staying reasonable (despite me going all out with that idiot thing in my last response), that was very mature.

And I agree that idiot was a borderline choice in my article, given the insight you shared.

I am upset that people die before anything happens is all.

But then again, it's always been like that. Like an old tape running on repeat. Next year, someone else will take their life over mindless bullying. And then will come another outcry, just like mine now.

When does it end?

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