I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve only submitted to a handful of other publications since I started.

One told me to wait 36 hours. Never heard of them again.

Another published one of my poems. It even got curated, instantly. (which is odd, it was curated the moment it’s release was scheduled). I’m not mad, it’s a good thing after all. But I send it in on a Tuesday, had to wait until Sunday to show it to the world (I struggle with patience, first child, one little brother, you know)

Illumination has so far published every single article I submitted, within minutes. It doesn’t take long until Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Shin Jie Yong, Henery X (long) or someone else published my articles. Wonderful. If I have a spark of light, I can share it now. I could submit my poetry elsewhere, but Illumination is doing so much for me. I think it’s worth most of my attention now.

Next, my first article under Illumination “Sun Tsu” got curated one or two hours after publication. Nice and all, but the stats aren’t exactly impressive.

Now, a few days ago, Illumination editors picked my article regarding my personal stats for in-house promotion. I assume this promo lasts for 24 hours or less before the next pick is being made.

Within these 24 hours, my article jumped dramatically and was only I think 100 claps behind the Sun Tsu one. As of right now, ah, take a look. Easier than explaining it:

Image for post
Image for post
Courtesy of Kevin Buddaeus

That’s a difference, isn’t it? Fewer views, but much more engagement. Top is featured by Illumination. Bottom curated by Medium.

I would never take Illumination or the Dr. for granted. And I urge everyone else to do the same.

I still see it as a privilege to be here. I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for Salam Khan and the Dr.

The whole thing with Slack helps us to keep in touch as a community. Not as writers competing for money, but as a group of people trying to build something big. It’s like getting invited by Bill Gates because he’s in his garage, building something and he’d like your help. You can walk right out and say you don’t have time for that. Sure. But don’t come back when Windows goes to the market. Call me naive. But I think with enough effort, we can at least secure a financially stable future for each and every one of us. It’s not a pyramid scheme. The platform is growing.

I’ll shut up now. I’ve written enough and have other stuff to do. But I hope that adds something of value. I fully agree with Julia on all points.

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