I didn’t mean any offense when I used the word “gibberish” in my comment, though it may have been a poor choice of wording.

By no means do I want to present you as an idiot or any less of an intelligent human being for the thought you put into a theory to dispute the concept of gravity. After all, most scientific theories of today are the result of countless ideas being accepted at first (a flat earth for example) only to be changed at a later date with new insights.

If we simply decide to accept everything as truth, we’d never make any progress in discovering new things.

It’s just that gravity has been proven with so many undisputable details and concepts at this point, that an OM hardly can hold its ground against it.

But you still deserve some respect for the effort you put into that thought (including all those illustrations). Don’t get discouraged.

Lastly, you clearly kept neutral ground with your idea. You used phrasings like “am I right?” to show that you’re by no means demanding it to be the right answer. You’re just asking questions. And asking questions is what brings humanity further.

What makes people like flat earthers so difficult is that they simply disregard any evidence disproving their claims (“well, NASA and the million scientists around the world, including those who have no affiliation with NASA and would not gain anything from it, must all be lying”)

Never the less, it was an interesting thought to switch gravity for an OM to surround us.

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