I don’t know what your childhood was like, but reading the following sentence, I have to assume we’re on the same page. I also (still) am driven by monetary gains for the biggest part of my life. Not to get rich and annoy my neighbors with the de-muffled Ferrari at 5 in the morning, just to enjoy some jealous stares. But to provide my family with the life I think they deserve. I want my new-born daughter to live a life full of opportunities. Not like I did, drifting through the first 2 decades without having even a goal for myself.

I never made it up any corporate ladder. I’m just too naive, trying to fight for what’s right (and losing my job when I complain about unjust work ethics, mistreatment of myself or coworkers, and all that stuff)

Now I’m slowly gaining more and more traction as a freelancer. Landing better and bigger contracts, leaving my mark.

Though it’s a success story unfolding for me, I still don’t consider this my purpose. It’s just a means to fulfill my purpose, which is to grant my daughter each opportunity that I was denied.

And from reading your article, you’re definitely meant to be a writer. You should have started earlier! 😁

But it’s luckily not too late either. Good luck on the path!

Follow me on this long journey to grow and learn together. We can make the world a better place. Connect with me via Twitter: @KBuddaeus

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