I don't think he's making it easy. He has a very valid point.

Just as crime does not justify crime, nothing that could possibly happen to you in a shitty marriage ever justifies an affair.

There's always an honest way out. Cheating is just the coward way ("the high way or my way").

Cheating is a selfish and cowardly act (committed by both men and women) and someone who cheats in my personal opinion deserves no empathy for their situation at all.

A cheater is never a victim. He's the perpetrator.

And I'm not even getting into the fact that it also reflects onto the children, who seemingly get treated better when she enjoys her affair.

That's just a cherry on top. The bottom line is, cheating is bad. Even worse if you're married. It's called adultery there and counts as a crime in many countries (though prosecutions in civilized countries are rare).

If I'm unhappy with my marriage, I'll get a divorce.

I'm not a child.

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