I have mixed feelings about this article.

First of all, I am fully for recording crimes and using the recorded material for prosecution. There is even a Latin phrase regarding law, which goes:

Ex turpi causa non oritur action
(From a dishonorable cause, an action does not arise)

This means that someone committing a crime can not put charges against you for ‘illegally’ recording his crime.

So in regard to the topic, I give full claps here. We’re on the same page.

But there are other things I catch on here. Things that bug me every time I come across them.

You consistently use the term “white male”, in a deliberate way to put emphasis on this detail. I’m sure it’s an American thing connected to Black Lives Matter and whatnot. Because where I come from, Germany (once a prime example for despicable racism and antisemitism), you’d get slapped as a racist for naming the skin color of anyone, even if it’s white.

Using these terms further supports segregation of race, even if it’s to single out “white racists”.

I never differentiated between black and white when growing up in Germany. That concept didn’t even exist in my head. If I saw a racist, he was a racist. Not a white racist. Not a black racist. Not a Lebanese racist. Not a German racist. Though there were groups such as skinheads (neo-nazis), again, there was no “oh they’re white”. And it’s not for a lack of diversity. About a third of my high school class had an immigration background. They were all German in my book.

I think it’s just an American thing to use the term “white male”. Because to me as a German, it doesn’t make sense. It just sounds racist to link their behavior to their own skin color. Or maybe it’s an “us vs them” mentality. But it always sticks out.

Saying “a white male” in a report about racism is not different from using “a black male” when reporting a theft. Their skin color has nothing to do with their life choices. How about looking at the social background instead?

I’m fully against racism of any shape or form. But every time I read “white male racist” I can’t help thinking “hypocrite much?”

A racist is a racist. Period. Knowing his skin color should not be part of the profiling. And it shouldn’t influence our opinion when we learn of it. Unless we’re racist.

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