I love how people are picking up on my inspiration from Dante. Yes, in that piece above, I chose to pick a lesser demon. He may sound important, but he’s really not 😁 the bigger ones shall come later. Especially Aeacus and Minos.

But I also got inspired by Dark Souls, if you’re a gamer. I wanted to use Dante’s version for hell first. But My hero is already in purgatory, which comes after the 9 rings of hell in his work. And in his version, purgatory is depicted as a mountain. While I went for the classic version of hell.

But I just made it up as I wrote it. There’s no outline. It just came as is.

I wouldn’t know how it continued if I started writing now 😂

But that’s the fun part. Since I don’t follow an outline, there are no rules. He could battle a unicorn if I like 😊

If you feel like it, maybe you’d like to write chapter 2 as a sort of community prompt? 😁😁😁

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