I personally don’t worry too much about what length article I publish at what time. They will be accessed by people over the course of several months at different times. We all live in different time zones too. If I publish something at 1 PM, it’s the middle of the night in the US for example. Medium statistics have revealed that the time of publishing has a minuscule impact on the number of reads you receive.

As for length, the optimum seems to be around 7 minutes. Those articles had the most traffic. Shorter articles had drastically lower stats, while anything above 7 up to 10 had a smaller, albeit still noticeable drop in statistics.

So the best thing would be an article around 7 minutes, regardless of publishing hour. Of course, it must also be interesting to the reader and compel them to read through. If something isn’t as interesting, people quickly close it in favor of another piece.

The highest read ratio on my articles comes from articles that are 1–2 minutes long. ( 90–80 %)

But the most reads overall come from articles that are 12, 9, 7, and 5 minutes long.

I hope that helps.

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