I think this sounds a little like the survival bias.

Because someone survived doing something in particular, we focus on that person and say "it works", disregarding the hundreds of people that did the same and didn't reach the end.

If we go strictly by data, then she might be a lucky exception to her average, like the one guy who wins the lottery.

If it's truly longevity you're after, then you have to look at the life of people who live in places where longevity is not a rare exception, but a common occurrence.

I live on Okinawa, which is said to be the place with the highest average life expectancy in the world. Some call the island "the island of the 100 year olds. Many people here are way past 100, and they don't spend their days in homes for the elderly, but at home with their families. Some even still go jogging and walking.

The food here consists of a lot of rice, fish, Goya, Tofu, Natto and other stuff. But you'd be surprised how many people still eat McDonalds now and then.

Okinawans have an overall laid-back attitude. If someone says they'll be there at 4:30 pm, expect them to come no sooner than 5 pm.

Oh, and though I live here, I won't ever reach their average life expectancy. I'm pretty certain that my wife will outlive me by far. And to be honest, I hope she does. I wouldn't want to take the role of the one left behind. I'm a coward in that regard.

And I just hate Goya. 😅

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