I understand your frustration. I would lie if I’d say I didn’t enjoy my sudden success. I’m human after all. But I do notice how most of you have been working with Medium much longer, yet seem to fall behind. I read all the comments.

But I also believe that this is just the beginning since Illumination has just started in March to pick up the pace. Remember how happy I was about my Medium curation? Maybe not, I was mostly cheering on the slack channel. But after a week I can tell that this didn’t change much. Yesterday, Illumination picked up my stats article for their feature.

I can’t tell you what the Doc is doing, but it’s far more effective than a curation by Medium. My stats article has surpassed my Sun Tsu article within a day in reads, fans, and claps.

But since you’re also running your own blog (as per your profile footnote), I’d like to share the following bit of advice I found today. I’d also like to share with Anthony Lawrence since he shared his blog experience with me too and his blog seems to hardly repay his efforts either.

This link (also shared in the help channel on Slack today) contains an article with now more than 4K claps about useful tips regarding Medium. One of which is, there seems to be a way to carry your existing blog over into Medium (since I don’t run any blog, I can’t talk much about the process)

But this might be useful for both of you in re-publishing existing articles from your other blog here on Medium (little effort, much content).

Finally, since money seems to be one of the main motivations behind this: I do dream of the day where I can live entirely off this. But that day still seems waaaay off. And many of us share this pain. But we’ll get there eventually. So far, the marketing of Medium seems to run like a well-oiled machine.

I’m sure in time we’ll all get there. Not as a group of writers, but as a publication. As a team. Success doesn’t come overnight. I’ve been working as a writer for 4 years now. Still dreaming big.

If not, well. We’ll see. I just take it as it comes. I could get run over by a bus tomorrow. Won’t do me any good being curated then.

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