If I hold my daughter while she's asleep, she feels heavier. That's because she relaxes her muscles and essentially acts like a sack of wet rice.

What you see in your dreams is your brain processing data. Some see people they've met, others see places that are physically impossible. That's because the imagination is not bound by the laws of physics. That's a fact.

Try lucid dreaming. You'll see what I mean when you learn to master your dreams.

Unless you can provide evidence that disproves the brainwave analysis of today's scientific research, it's one point for the researchers.

And I don't understand what you mean by "I realise when we get something free, it has a different dynamic from knowledge we strive for."

Just because something's free doesn't mean it has any inherent merit. If something is wrong, it's wrong. Doesn't matter whether it's for free or you paid for it. Though if you paid for it, you'll effectively be at a loss and may want to ask for a refund.

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