I’m glad it had the desired effect on you. I was honestly a bit worried about how you might react if I mention you like that without asking you first. After all, you mentioned that you skipped mentioning your story by name at first because you were worried that people may perceive it as undeserving. I basically just pushed you a little more into the spotlight by mentioning you here.

But I mean what I said. I felt genuinely surprised and glad that I found your article to be true, contrary to the empty filler content we see on every corner. I felt like putting you out as an example was important in my article. I could have mentioned many more people, especially from our own publication, but I felt like that would have appeared like some hypocritical “buy from us instead” post. And I didn’t want that.

Also, you don’t have much content yet, so I assume you’re quite new on Medium. Can’t hurt to try and give you some exposure :)

And finally, our little interaction did not have anything to do with me writing this article. This just stemmed from the frustration of spending a whole day scrolling past the same old article titles with the same old appeals to my emotions and dreams and hopes and all that.

I wish I’d instead see more articles from people like you.

Let’s make it happen 😁

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