I'm glad it helps. I found myself in the exact same position, seeing something go viral and then trying to mimic that. I wasted my time on it and was unable to write anything substantial.

When I realized my mistake, it became crystal clear and I found my usual writing again. The one I write for myself, without any stats in mind.

Also, I got countless articles curated so far. But every time I write something that I WANT to get curated, it does not. Weird. So I try not to think about that when writing. I see writing as talking to myself.

Let's say I learned a new fun fact on Wikipedia or Youtube or in the news. Something that moved me, emotionally or intellectually. Something I'd make the same "woah" reaction when learning it again. That's the stuff I write about in hopes that someone else out there gets the same "woah" moment. I hope that makes sense 😅

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