It seems like you are too focused on earning money. The less you focus on that, the more success you will see. Just write about things you really love and enjoy being part of a lively community. Engage with others, take part in writing prompts, share stories.

If your main goal is to make money, you’ll ironically slide to the back of these statistics. Only 8% of all Medium members make more than 100$ a month anyways. It should be seen as a great hobby to hone your reading and writing skills. And in the future, you can point back to your Medium profile and share years of experience as an established writer. That’s power you can’t buy.

But the more of yourself you put out there, the more people will resonate with your authenticity. The more you read, the more you will be read.

I started almost 3 weeks ago and I use Medium to discover myself in others. I share my thoughts on topics and compare them to what other people think. Since I became an editor, I must really push myself to write something of my own. Most of it is just poetry because it’s short.

Won’t earn me any notable money, but it’s something I love. I spend most of my time publishing and sharing the works of others and looking for ways to help Illumination grow even more.

It’s become a passion, a calling. But it won’t make me rich. Maybe in a year or two. But don’t stress over it. Take it as it comes.

All the best to you.

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Follow me on this long journey to grow and learn together. We can make the world a better place. Connect with me via Twitter: @KBuddaeus

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