Just like you, I've stumbled upon poetry by accident, never thinking of being a decent enough poet myself. Now it's become a great hobby of mine. You too have that poetic spark in you, so keep doing it. You're doing great.

If your son runs a pottery, he might be interested in reading and maybe using the Japanese art of "Kinsukuroi", also known as "kintsugi", which means repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer, to find new beauty in the broken.

It's also become a philosophy.

I'd like to take the chance to introduce myself formally, as we haven't met yet, though I'm supposed to be one of our editors. If you'd like, I'd challenge you to a poetry prompt.

Write poetry about "the broken", and tag me if you do. It's not a must, just an invitation. You are also free to give me a similar prompt to challenge me back 😁

Welcome to Illumination!

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