Just yesterday, I read an article from René Junge, explaining why it’s essential to follow a narrative without compromise if you want to be a good fiction writer.

And your quote above highlights the same point from a different perspective. You need to take risks as a writer. And you need to stay true to your craft. More so if it tends to make people uncomfortable. Because that means you’re doing a great job; you’re inciting strong emotions.

To me personally, writing is putting my own emotions to words in hopes for my readers to “re-feel” them as their own. If I write about something that got me really depressed in my life, I want to share that feeling in a gut-wrenching way.

If something made me really happy, then I’d like my readers to smile upon reading about it. I want to share my joy.

In the end, I don’t care much for “rules” and “guidelines”, I already crafted my own. This might not resonate with everyone, I might not get everyone to read my stories. But I don’t want to. This way, I know that those who take valuable time out of their lives to read my stories do so out of honest appreciation and connection.

They love me for being me. Not for being good at following rules.

Great article. Thank you for putting the word out 😁

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