Keep at it. Everything you said is true. I had $98 in my first month, but I started on Medium during the Corona crisis and wrote over 100 articles in that month with a big chunk of them having been curated in various topics.

I still get some reads on my oldest articles now, so if you write enough high quality content articles, I'm sure they will pay you for several months.

A quick tip I occasionally use when I'm out of ideas: Go to Google, type in a keyword like business, technology or any topic you're interested in and look for the "news" tab. There you'll often find news reports from various outlets that are a few hours old and might give you an idea what to write about.

My article about self driving cars came from there when Tesla made news about a software update.

Of course you shouldn't copy an article you read there. But you can use it as a start for your own article, like sharing your own thoughts about the article and spinning the idea further.

At the heart, we are all individuals, and if 100 people write about the exact same topic, you'll still see 100 different articles.

So it's a good way to get ideas when you want to ride a news wave. But of course your personal passion should always come first. Don't write about something if your heart isn't into it.

In any case, all the best to you.

Be reading you soon. 😁

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