Most Muslims are peaceful people like everyone else.

But religion as a whole has no right to rule any country. It's fiction. Period. A modern society has become so because it uses modern sciences, facts and theories to solve the puzzle of life.

If you rule your country by using an outdated book that hasn't been optimized, adapted, revised or improved upon in several centuries, then your society will always be as outdated as that book.

This is true for every single religion in the world. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Shintoism, Buddhism, ...

Some of these advocate for peace and that is a good thing. But we don't need religion to come to a simple conclusion as "peace is good, bloodshed is bad".

If people want to believe in and practice their religion, that's okay. Just like I let people go fishing or race driving or any other hobby really.

But anyone who thinks that religion has a legit place and right to power in a modern society is clearly outdated and shows a lack of ability to grow as a sentient and sapient being.

Believe will always lose against facts. Faith is always inferior to empirical evidence.

Religion is a wedge in the wheel of progress.

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