Never apologize. (unless you write something offensive)

Never hold something back that you care deeply about (unless its offensive)

You can always change the title later by clicking edit article in the upper corner. Just keep in mind that the title at the top of the page only changes for the page itself.

If you want to change the title that gets displayed outside of the article (like on Medium's feed) then while in editing mode, go to the three dots above and select "Change display title/subtitle"

And never-not-write an article about time travel when you want to and have a great idea or thought in that regards. I'm into that stuff.

I wrote an article about free will and whether we have it or not. Sue me 😉

When it comes to feedback, always look at those that give you something to think about, and those who just try to ruin your day.

The first category is useful as you can learn from mistakes and expand your knowledge.

The second category consists of idiots who have nothing better to do with their time.

You can ignore them or call them out (the first option would be smarter, but I'm a sucker for No. 2)

That being said, enjoy your time on Medium and keep writing. You had me and a lot others spend time reading your article. That's already a huge success. Most people get many views, but not many reads (including me)

Keep on doing it 😁

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