Oh Chuck!

You F-king nailed it. This whole thing. I gotta tag all my Haiku favorites just so they read this. Damn, I’m still laughing. Try writing a clear comment when shaking like an epileptic on caffeine overdose. Jeez.

Okay, let’s tag.

Salam Khan, Dipti Pande, Gurpreet Dhariwal, Martine Weber, Mary Holden, Bridget Webber, Tre L. Loadholt, Willem-Jan Ageling, Darrin Atkins, Julia E Hubbel, Desiree Driesenaar, Selma, Simran Kankas

I really suck at remembering names and who-is-who most of the time. I’m not good at that. I think I’m missing something important for that ability. Can’t quite remember what the doctors called it…uh — here it is, Wikipedia to the rescue. It’s called “Cerebrum”, no wait that doesn’t help anyone… Uh, brain. Yeah, that’s the one.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone important. This article is so worth reading.

Thank you Chuck for showing how it’s done 😂

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