Oh, Helen Cassidy Page,

I feel like I owe you an apology 😅

When you contacted me on the submission guidelines, I quickly forwarded your request to our Slack channel. I was quite busy and received multiple requests, so I didn’t spend much time checking all of it myself.

Today I got a message from someone who really adores you, thanking me for inviting you. I didn’t spend much thought on this until I saw that our dear Dr. speaks highly of you too.

I was completely unaware of your reputation (being quite new to Medium and recreative writing myself). So wow, I’m more than impressed and humbled to have handled your request. Thank you for reading the submission guidelines and reaching out to us 😁

I’ll be looking forward to reading your articles and learning from your expertise.

Best wishes to you,

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Follow me on this long journey to grow and learn together. We can make the world a better place. Connect with me via Twitter: @KBuddaeus

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