Oh, how do I put this. Please don't take this the wrong way.

The thing with natal astrology or horoscopes (zodiac signs) is that they work by something called "confirmation bias".

With sufficiently vague statements, someone who is looking for a truth will easily find that truth in these predictions.

And if a prediction does not conform with our expectations, we tend to suffer from what's called cognitive dissonance, a mental defense mechanism that leads us to simply ignore any facts or evidence that proves otherwise.

I don't mean to say "it won't work" just like that. But I've always looked at things critically, questioning their accuracy and coincidence.

I once had to take part in a psychological personality test called the MBTI as part of a preparation training to become a certified professional truck driver. I was around 18 years old back then. That test is meant to analyze your behavior and categorize your personality to be either extrovert, introvert, intuitive or sensual, and all that stuff.

Together with me, I think 8 or 9 other people took the test. The guy who conducted the test was an elder, maybe in his 70s. He brought a huge stack of papers with questions on them.

Some questions where like “You want to provide financial stability for your family” or “I like taking risks” or I don’t know.

From the questions itself, the results were already visible in my opinion. Of course, if I answer this one with yes, I’ll be told that I’m an introvert. Of course, if I say “No” here, I’ll be called a sensual type of person, and so on.

I felt really uncomfortable with the test because it looked like it was way too simple to have any real merit.

I stood up and told the old man that I won’t take the test. As he asked me why, I answered that the test seems predictable and manipulable. Furthermore, these questions are all favorable from certain viewpoints. Of course, I want to provide for my family. Of course, I try to be a sensitive and compassionate human being. Of course, I like both going out with people and having time for myself.

I felt like the test would not do me justice. And I refuse to put myself into one camp or the other. the other attendees quickly joined me one after another. He said “fair enough”, though he really looked disappointed. As if I had just destroyed his life’s work. This test was his whole purpose for visiting us.

To try and mitigate the damage, I told him that he’s way older than us and surely has some life experiences we could learn from. He should share his personal wisdom with us, rather than the test. So we ended up talking about his life and things he would have done differently. Things he values in people and things that too many people seem to forget or ignore.

It was much better than this MBTI test.

So you see, I’ve always been a highly critical thinker and question stuff more often than not. Zodiac signs, natal astrology, and these things are no exception. I don’t mean to devalue those for you. But in my opinion, they don’t work the way we’d like them to work. They just work because we believe in them upon the slightest sight of a good prediction.

I really hope you’re not mad at me. 😅

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