Oh, that thing with prenatal classes. Does it make me look bad when I say that neither my wife nor me ever attended any training or classes before our little one joined us?

I was so scared that we'd be forced to attend one. Not only because I knew how awkward these often are for people who actually attended one, but my Japanese is far from being able to deal with such stuff.

Nothing would be more awkward than attending a class where I don't understand a thing. I remember I had to take part in a 2 hour long refreshing course to keep my Japanese driver's license and the course was Japanese only. I didn't understand half of it, apart from the usual don't drink and drive and how most accidents happen.

Luckily, my daughter is a great teacher and shows me all I need to know. If she will ever compliment me on being an awesome dad, I sure enough will let her know that it's been thanks to her.

I know the switch you talk about. It felt like that to me too. But I remember that some friends had a big influence on me too. One was 27 at the time, same age as me, with three kids. He'd act all childish and goofy, loves working on his car and we generally both had an "we can do that later" attitude at work.

But as soon as we talked about his kids, he was like a completely different person. His wife cheated on him and they divorced. Sure enough, he got custody and does his best to be there for his three kids.

Another guy joined us at work, also 27, and he too already had 2 kids. They are his biggest pride.

So there I was, same age. No kids. I saw that those two guys were as goofy and childish as I was, but they both were fathers already, and both of them seemed to be damn good at it. That was the push that got me to rethink my situation.

Next thing I remember, my wife sent me a photo of a positive pregnancy test while I was at work. Best thing ever. 😁

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