Reading this took far longer than I planned, since it’s currently 11 PM and my daughter discovered her new life motto “No rest for the wicked”.

Update: She’s still awake.

But I’ve managed to read on and found an interesting advice that moves away from the usual suggestions: Instead of avoiding fear mongering (which I myself often advocate), how about taking a break from social media alltogether?

Well, I must admit, I won’t be following this advice anytime soon (sorry about that) since I just started dwelling in the endless oceans of likeminded people and for the past few days have found many people who brought additional joy into my life.

Luckily, the current crisis is not getting a hold of Twitter (at least in my experience), since many of the people I met there are currently curled up at home, using the situation to continue working on their writing and cheering each other up through these depressing times.

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