Sounds like they play similar games like that famous Nigerian prince who’s sitting on a pile of gold and needs your bank account data for that wire transfer that could change your life.

(I actually feel bad if I ever happened to make a real prince feel ignored — So if you read this, dear Nigerian prince, hit me up and I’ll give you my PayPal address!)

But I’m glad that you have seen through their fake behavior that easily.

Unfortunately it’s a big problem everywhere. Wherever there is social interaction behind a screen, there are those who want to exploit it.

You won’t believe how many times a day I get a Twitter follower who then sends me a private message with some bikini pics and a link. Report-Spam-Block-Goodbye.

Wherever there’s some delicious food in the open, doesn’t take long for the insects to come out.

Just stay safe and dedicate your time to real people. Like your grand kids, as you already mentioned. Much better off that way.

All the best to you 😊

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