Testimony to an artist:

Salam Khan is a great writer, though he may not see it himself. In fact, he’s so good that he inspired me to start in the first place. I saw his work and with it, greatness.

If poetry comes from the heart, that’s better than the fanciest of metaphors. His work shines with soul and passion. So does Paul’s. He just needs to embrace the shine.

And each of my own pieces of poetry carries a bit of Salam Khan in it. He shared an acorn, which now grows another tree.

And every time he puts something new out, that acorn comes to visit and bathes in rejuvenating waters, forming yet another branch.

Do you know the feeling of joy when watching your favorite team win a world championship? Watching with fire in your eyes when they get that final, all deciding point? People in the streets, strangers even, hugging and celebrating like they are brother and sister? The very same thing happens here. Strangers, bound by poetry.

And to end this little rant of metaphors and praise like a true poet:

Paul needs to come and start writing.

All the best to you, my friend.

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