Thank you for your comment on this. It’s much appreciated.

And I do agree with Chrissie Morris Brady Ph.D. after all. The other points aside, it does happen that people skim, or that they keep the screen on while going for a cigarette or anything.

Both are cases in which Medium will register a difference in reading behavior, effectively not adding to the recorded reading time.

And this is a problem for all of us.

I do give everyone the benefit of the doubt and refrain from seeing an intended behavior behind these statistics. It’s just a faulty system that doesn’t register properly. Much like the issue I had with claps. I was able to highlight, respond and even receive claps for my own entries, but my own claps did reset to zero, no matter what countermeasure I tried.

I was unable to find any article or support page regarding such issues.

This resolved after a few hours, but it was difficult remembering where I was unable to clap, just to manually get back again and catch up.

I’d really be happy if we all just could get along, be happy and enjoy the journey. I don’t want to care too much about the destination. We’ll all be dead one day, and then it’s all gone again. (I’m not a nihilist, but well 😁)

Thank you again and best wishes.

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