Thank you for your input on this. I don't quite believe in Hinduism and the concept of Karma, but it's more of a gut-decision, since I can neither prove nor disprove the workings of our universe.

But the thought of our free will not being free gives me a sense of acceptance. I don't doubt my life choices as much and wouldn't want to change the path I'm on, knowing that this might be impossible.

I've come to accept who I am for who I am. Funnily enough, until not long ago, I believed free will to be truly free. Then I started digging deeper and had to form my decision based on what I've learned.

It's still not an ultimate answer. Both possibilities may be true. But I decided for myself that we may well be travelling on a predetermined path. The universe already knows when and how I will die. That's what I believe.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and even comment on it. I really appreciate it.

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