Thank you so much for this. I’ve been ‘preaching’ the same on an anonymous social Medium (one of the most toxic and vile places on earth, neither Facebook nor Twitter) for weeks.

Every day, someone comes up with yet another screenshot of the current Corvid-19 development, conveniently cropping out relevant information.

They post the ever increasing number of deaths. And they proclaim the end of time has come.

And none of them seems to have even the slightest capability to use what we’d call “objective thinking” or “common sense”

They see these numbers and take them out of proportion; out of relation.

They mix two entirely different data: The CFR (Case Fatality Rate) and the CMR (Crude Mortality Rate)
The first describes the death among all who were infected (reported cases), the latter describes the estimated death toll if 100% of all humanity would be infected according to the current CFR (which fluctuates! People seem to forget that!)

So they post these rates as harbingers of our end times without even understanding this difference between them.

So thank you for making this clear once more:
Numbers have no meaning, no value, without context. Period!

Please keep writing, keep rocking and stay safe!

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