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Just one thing regarding the Dorito-diet, although it has been proven to work, it’s still incredibly unhealthy. So if you ever feel tempted, don’t say I didn’t warn you 😅

I have always been frustrated by the increasing amount of “false prophets” trying to generate more and more clicks with the same topics. I could even give specific names, but that would be a cheap move. What caused me to push out this article today was that I’ve been roaming Medium all day to find inspiration, a push to get me back into continuing a book that’s waiting to be written.

But instead of inspiration, I come across the same article in 20 different costumes, and scrolling through Medium gets more discouraging and boring with each article I scroll past.

The articles that deliver real and useful help are so far and in-between that the sell-outs simply dominate the page. I spend more time looking for help than I’d care to admit.

And admittedly, poetry is a useful helper. While it’s not a specific “try this approach” article, most people use inspiring words and phrases that can help me with looking at my own story from a different angle.

Great poets and people like Elena deserve far more support on here than those “entrepreneurs” who sell you creativity in a bottle.

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